Given how prone they are to wanting to kill anyone and anything that isn't like them the last thing you would expect to find at a party is a Dalek. But you'll be the life of the party if you bring a Dalek bottle opener with you!

Sure, this is the race that almost ended all life forms in the entire universe and gave the Doctor a reason to commit genocide. But even the Doctor wouldn't be able to resist this adorable kitchen gadget!

Not only is this tool cute to look at (I honestly never thought I'd call a Dalek cute or adorable!), it also has a secret. The moment the opener comes in contact with a metal lid it says, "Exterminate," followed by the sound of its laser being fired in your general direction.

I doubt there is a Whovian around who can resist this gadget. It would make a great gift for the Doctor Who fan in your life, or for yourself. And if you do find yourself at a party with this little guy, make sure you also have a banana...

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Dalek Bottle Opener With Sound

Dalek bottle opener

Dalek Bottle Opener

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