Do you remember what Daenerys was given as a wedding gift from Illyrio Mopatis, the wealthy benefactor of Daenerys and her brother Viserys? If you said dragon eggs then you are correct! Yes, it was Illyrio who unknowingly created the Mother of Dragons. He thought the three eggs were nothing more than petrified eggs from a time long gone.

Daenerys treasured her gift and instinctively knew they were more than pretty and expensive trinkets. She proved this when she took them with her into the funeral pyre for her beloved Drogo. Dany walked away from the fire unharmed and with three newly hatched dragons.

The three dragon eggs were of different colors but the most notable egg was the green one. The other two looked brownish in color. HBO released an officially licensed dragon egg canister that resembles the green egg given to Daenerys. It is made of ceramic and beautifully painted. The color of green varies on the egg, giving it a realistic look. The inside is large enough to hold cookies or a variety of other items.

This jar would be a great gift for Game of Thrones fans or to those who love and are rooting for Daenerys to reclaim the iron throne. It can be kept in your kitchen or on a bookshelf, and will look amazing no matter where you place it.

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Dragon Egg Cookie Jar

Dragon egg canister or cookie jar

Dragon Egg Canister

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