Wine seems to be the drink of royalty and the various houses in Game of Thrones is no exception. It seems like the only thing people drink in Westeros and beyond is wine. The best way to keep a bottle's cork from drying out is to store the bottle upside down, and I have no doubt that House Targaryen would have approved of using a dragon wine bottle holder.

These clever holders come in a variety of different shapes. Some dragons are on their backs like the one you see here, while others are sitting up. The can be made of resin or metal, as long as they form a cradle to safely place and hold a corked bottle.

Do you think Khaleesi would have approved of using one of these? I do, but I'm also sure that hers would've been encrusted in jewels and gold. It might have even been forged in the fire from one of her dragons, perhaps Drogon, since he's the largest of the three dragons and would potentially have the hottest fire.

Having a dragon bottle holder in your kitchen is a fun way to bring a bit of George R. R. Martin's fantasy world into your home, while safely storing your spirits at the same time.

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House Targaryen Wine Bottle Holder

Dragon shaped wine bottle holder

Dragon Wine Bottle Holder

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