The ring's fellowship traveled through the Mines of Moria, a location that proved deadly to Gandalf. The remaining members were forlorn and unsure how to proceed. As the ring bearer, Frodo made the decision that they should go see the elves in Lothlórien, ruled by Galadriel.

Galadriel and her kin welcomed the fellowship and offered them protection during their stay. Galadriel bestowed special gifts to members of the fellowship as they prepared to depart Lothlórien.

Her gift to Frodo Baggins was a vial with the light of Eärendil, light from their most beloved star. Galadriel bent down and kissed Frodo on his forehead after giving him his gift.

Westland recreated this scene with their Galadriel and Frodo salt and pepper shakers. It is beautifully painted, and includes a magnet that keeps them in the position you see here.

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Galadriel Kissing Frodo
Salt And Pepper Shakers

Galadriel and Frodo salt and pepper shakers

Galadriel And Frodo Salt & Pepper Shakers

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