If you browse through the cookies jars on this site you will see several officially licensed jars. Those jars are awesome but not every one wants a mass produced container for their treats. Fortunately, there are several sellers on Etsy who make handmade Doctor Who cookie jars.

I usually include a large image of each of the items you can buy, but I don't have a big picture on this page for one simple reason: I have no idea what you are going to see when you click the link and go to Etsy. Most of the cookie jars sold there are one of a kind, which means any jar I show you is probably not for sale any more.

The picture you see at the top of this page is a good example of what i mean. The day I wrote this there were four cookie jars being sold, and this was one of them. It shows an Adipose and says, "The cookies just walk away." There was only one being sold and I have no idea if the seller will make any more when this one is gone.

There are two types of product links on this page:

  • Picture Link - If you can click on a picture it will take you directly to that item on a site like Amazon or Etsy. It is possible that the item is no longer available for sale from the seller I have linked the picture to, which is why I created the second type of link.
  • Site Link - When you click on a link to an online store, such as Amazon, eBay, or Etsy, it will take you to that site so you can compare prices for the item seen in the picture. Or, if you are looking at a costume then you might see items similar to the one seen in the picture so you choose the one you like best.

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Doctor Who Cookie Jars

Doctor Who cookie jars
Handmade Doctor Who Cookie Jars

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