Who do you love? (Get it? "Who"?)

Sorry, this was another of my bad puns, but I can't help myself. The answer to the question, however, is obvious, especially if you have the 'I Love The Doctor' cutting board. No one will ever wonder who you love if this is in your kitchen.

The board is made of tempered glass, which is good because that means it will be able to resist breaking. Glass cutting boards are sanitary because they cannot absorb bacterias and viruses the way wooden boards do.

The design is of the top portion of the Doctor's beloved time machine, the TARDIS, and it comes in two sizes: regular and large. If you've never cut on a glass cutting board before then be sure to treat it with the same care you would with any glass item. If you do that then this will last you many years of food preparation.

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"I Heart The Doctor" Cutting Board

Doctor Who glass cutting board

Doctor Who Cutting Board

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