Worf managed to put a friendly face on Klingons. Well, okay, Worf never looked friendly, but he and his race were a friend to the Federation by the time Star Trek: The Next Generation aired. But during the times of Captain James T. Kirk, Klingons were deadly enemies.

Just the thought of going up against a Klingon warship was enough to send a small shiver down Captain Kirk's back, not that he would ever admit such a thing. The shape of their Bird of Prey warship just happens to be the perfect shape for a corkscrew. Some creative individual realized this and came up with the Klingon corkscrew!

It is made of steel so it is sturdy enough to open many bottles of wine. However, the Bird of Prey corkscrew is can also be used as a collectible and be kept somewhere out in the open, such as on your countertop or a bookshelf, so you can admire this replica of Klingon technology.

This would make a great gift for the Trekkie in your life, and goes great with the U.S.S. Enterprise bottle opener and pizza cutter.

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Klingon Bird Of Prey Bottle Opener

Star Trek Klingon corkscrew bottle opener

Klingon Corkscrew

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