What is the one substance that the Doctor's sonic screwdriver doesn't work on? If you said wood then you are correct, which means it works great on pizza! If you need proof then use this sonic screwdriver pizza cutter the next time you need to cut your pie.

So, what exactly is this and how does it work? Well, obviously it is a pizza wheel and I'm sure you were able to figure that part out on your own. But this is a cutter with pizzazz - as you press down on the blade to cut your food the sound effects are triggered and it sounds like the Gallifreyan sonic technology is actually doing the cutting.

As I read through the reviews of this kitchen gadget I saw that some people were unhappy when it came time to clean this after using it, which is true if you try to clean it the way you see it in the picture below. What they did not realize is that the wheel comes off. If you take off the wheel then it is super easy to clean, much easier than traditional cutters that don't come apart.

This deserves a place of honor in any Whovian's kitchen. Whether you want it to use or simply to give your kitchen style, it is a unique item that is sure to cause envy among your Doctor Who friends!

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Doctor Who Pizza Wheel

Sonic Screwdriver Pizza Cutter

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