Do you think Spock ever ate cookies? There is no nutritional value to them. Cookies exist purely to make us happy about eating them because they taste so darn good. There is absolutely nothing logical about eating cookies, so probably not, unless Spock's human side was in control.

Those of us who are 100% human totally get the whole "cookie" thing and we love to indulge every now and then. What better place to keep our cookies than in a Spock cookie jar?

It is made of ceramic and is in the shape of Spock's bust. He has his iconic pointy ears and eyebrows, and a quizzical look on his face, the one we so often saw in the original Star Trek series. The inside is perfect for small batches of cookies or for hiding your favorite yummy treat, such as individual servings of bite-sized snacks.

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Cookie Jar Of Spock's Bust

Cookie jar in the shape of Spock's head and torso

Spock Cookie Jar

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