Starfleet academy graduates were assigned to starships so they could go out and seek new life forms, and I certainly hope that the food replicator was clever enough to make their favorite cookies. But replicating food is no replacement for the real deal, and when it comes to cookies, half the fun is making them.

If you like to bake yummy treats and you are a fan of Gene Roddenberry's space series then you are going to love using a Star Trek cookie cutter! There are several different designs available.

The example you see here is a kit with five cutters - U.S.S. Enterprise, phaser, Starfleet insignia, Klingon insignia, and Spock's "Live long and prosper" hand. I have also seen the Borg cube, and a cutter that lets you imprint "Star Trek" on your dough.

You can use these on cookie dough or fondant. All of the cutters I saw were made of plastic, which makes cleanup a breeze. When it comes time to decorate your cookies let your creativity run wild, but most importantly, have fun!

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Star Trek Inspired Cookie Cutters


Star Trek Cookie Cutters

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