There have been many captains over the decades to fly Federation starships but the first was Captain James T. Kirk. Captain Kirk was arrogant, in a charming way, and confident that he would always keep his ship and crew safe. Unless, of course, said crew members wore red shirts during away missions, but let's not dwell on that...

This Star Trek wine stopper is a great way to memorialize the great Captain Kirk. The top half show's Kirk's bust and the bottom have fits snugly into any bottle of wine. The stopper has two rubber gaskets that keep the stopper in place but can be removed without much effort.

If you look closely you will see that it says, "Beam me up," around Kirk's mid-section, something he often said to chief engineer Scotty and has become arguably the most famous phrase from any of the show's incarnations. But Kirk is not the only style. I've also seen bottle corks in the shape of the Enterprise and Spock, though those two designs are much harder to find that Kirk.

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Captain Kirk Wine Stopper

Captain Kirk bottle stopper

Star Trek Wine Stopper

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