Chocolates made from the TARDIS and Dalek molds

Want a super easy and fun way to add a bit of Doctor Who to your meals? Then take a look at this TARDIS and Dalek mold.

It is made of silicone, which means it will hold up no matter how you use it. It can be used for make ice cubes, as you see in the picture below, because it can withstand freezing temperatures. It can also be used to bake treats because it is also safe in the oven. The temperature range of this Doctor Who mold is an amazing -40°F to 446°F!

So, now that you know how durable silicone is, what can you make with this? Just about anything - ice cubes, chocolate or other candy, little cakes or brownies, melted crayon figures, or whatever else you think of that will fit in the molds.

If you are looking for a gift for the Doctor Who fan in your life then this would be a great choice. Or, if you are the Whovian, be sure to add this to your kitchen. It doesn't matter how you or the person you give this to uses it because it will always be ready to make an arm of Daleks and TARDIS time machines for you to eat and enjoy!

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Dalek And TARDIS Candy Or Ice Molds

TARDIS and dalek molds

TARDIS And Dalek Mold

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