Wine cabinet inspired by the TARDIS

Oh my gosh! I found an amazing item that Whovian wine lovers are going to go bananas over.

There is a company in Oregon that makes a variety of TARDIS home items, including a TARDIS wine cabinet. The cabinet looks like the Doctor's time machine on the outside, but the inside is a wine rack.

The cabinet is smaller than the real TARDIS (obviously!) but is large enough that your friends will drool over the design details (okay, admit it, you'll drool, too!). It measures 16 inches wide and 33 inches tall. That's plenty of room for up to 8 750mL bottles of your favorite spirits.

The cabinet doesn't just hold wine bottles. There is also a shelf above the wine rack, which is the perfect place to store your wine tools, such as a bottle opener, or your sonic screwdriver. I'm thinking that the latter item is a must with this cabinet!

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Handmade TARDIS Wine Cabinet

The inside of the TARDIS wine cabinet
TARDIS Wine Cabinet

I Want This - Help Me Find It

Here is a video from the maker of these Doctor Who inspired wine cabinets.

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