The U.S.S. Enterprise sushi set is the ultimate gift for every trekkie who loves sushi! This is a very clever set. The saucer has a lid that can be removed to reveal a dish underneath that you can pour soy sauce into. The blue warp speed lights coming out of the back of the ship are actually chopsticks that can be removed and used to pick and eat the Japanese cuisine. And the wooden board that is the base of the set is where you put the sushi you want to eat.

The Enterprise rotates on the wooden board, which will give you more room for your sushi, or you can rotate the saucer full of soy sauce closer to your sushi to make it as easy as possible to dip the fishy treat in the salty condiment.

Fellow Star Trek fans will love sharing sushi with you, but you can forget about inviting any Klingons. They prefer to eat their food with their fingers, which takes all the fun away from using the nacelle chopsticks.

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Star Trek Chopstick And Sushi Set

Star Trek chopstick set for sushi

U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set

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