Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and your cookies will be gone.

Poor Weeping Angels. They are the loneliest creatures in the universe. They can never been seen and heaven help you if they see you. But what about cookies? Can they see cookies?

Perhaps the better question is, can they keep cookies safe? The answer is a resounding yes when you keep them in this Weeping Angel cookie jar. It is made of ceramic and has a rubber gasket on the lid so treats stay fresh.

The container has faces on the front and back. One face shows the angel hiding her eyes, while the other side shows the angel as she looks just before she gets you.

The designs on the jar are subtle and people who don't know what Weeping Angels will think it's just a lovely cookie jar (assuming you have it on the hidden face side). Whovians, however, will know right away what this is and won't be able to look away.

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Two-Faced Weeping Angel Cookie Jar

Weeping Angel cookie jar

Weeping Angel Cookie Jar

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