Last night my husband and I watched the season seven season finale, titled, "The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life." Spoiler alert - I discuss events that took place in the season finale. It was a very satisfying episode with a lot that happened (Sasha, Shiva the tiger, Carol and Morgan, and so on) but the focus of this post is what Daryl found at the very end of the episode - a wooden toy soldier with the words "Didn't know" written on them. As soon as the episode ended my husband and I both asked what that was about.

I'm sure it was obvious to some people but it wasn't to us. If you are like me then I'll explain the significance of the wooden soldier and its cryptic message.

This is the wooden soldier that Dwight left for Daryl to find

First, we need to go back to season six, episode six, titled "Always Accountable." This was when we first met Dwight. He was on the run with his wife Sherry and her sister Tina, and they came across Daryl in the woods. Daryl first thought they were enemies but after spending time with them he realized they weren't and even invited them to Alexandria. Things took a turn for the worse when Dwight stole Daryl's crossbow and motorcycle, but before that happened Dwight told Daryl about how his grandfather taught him the art of wood carving and showed him a soldier that he was working on.

Fast forward to the season seven finale. Dwight pledged to work for Rick's group to bring down Negan, but their plans fell apart when the garbage people turned on Rick's group. After the dust settled from the battle and Negan's surviving Saviors left, Daryl found the wooden soldier. He immediately knew that the soldier had been made by Dwight and that the message of "didn't know" was also from Dwight. That begs the question, what didn't Dwight know?

My interpretation of Dwight's message says that he didn't know about the double-cross from the garbage people or that Sasha would arrive at Alexandria dead.

There were just two words written on the soldier but they are rich with meaning. Did Dwight mean it? Is he really on Rick's side? I think so. Now that his wife Sherry is gone he no longer needs to do be Negan's lapdog to keep her safe. I predict that Dwight will be an important character in season eight.

Here is video of the final scene, including when Daryl finds Dwight's message (which starts at approximately 2:18 into the video).

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