Maybe this thought has never crossed your mind, but it has mine. What would the Game of Thrones intro look like if it was made by the LEGO company? I had already found one video where someone recreated the opening scene with these building bricks, but I figured there had to be at least one more, and I was right.

The other video I shared was made with actual bricks using stop motion. This video is different. Yes, it uses the bricks, but it was made with computer generated graphics, so it is a very different take on the opening sequence.

This video goes a bit beyond just what  you are so familiar with by adding scenes with minifigures. Did you see King Joffrey being scolded by his mother, Queen Cersei? Or how about Ghost making it look easy to climb up The Wall (that one is easy to miss).

The video was made by students at Staffordshire University and they have proven that they understand both the story and the great sense of humor that the LEGO company infuses in their work. Very well done!

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