There is something about the Worf cookie jar that makes me want to giggle every time I look at it. Worf was arguably the most serious crew member on the Enterprise, even more so than Spock who let out his softer human side on a couple of occasions. Even Data could be silly, even if he didn't understand how his actions were funny. But not Worf. He was all business, all the time.

Perhaps what I really love is that Worf was the Chief Security Officer during his time on Star Trek: Then Next Generation, and here he is as a cookie jar. It's like he is going to protect your cookies and other yummy treats from uninvited fingers that try to steal the contents of the jar. Like I said, it makes me giggle.

The jar is made of ceramic and is in the shape of Worf's bust. He is seen wearing his traditional Klingon baldric (that's the sash on his right shoulder) and is a visual sign of Worf's noble heritage.

This container is perfect for holding small batches of cookies or small bags of treats and candy. Some people keep it on their work desks and use it for some of their office supplies, such as paper clips, pens, and sticky notes.

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Worf Shaped Cookie Jar

Cookie jar shaped like Worf

Worf Cookie Jar

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