Have you ever thought that zombies could be cute? I have to admit that I didn't until I found the adorable undead dolls seen here! It's amazing how creative people are and what they have come up with when it comes to zombie knitting patterns. My personal favorites are the ribs shawl and the lovey blankets for babies and toddlers. The patterns seen here are all digital patterns, so if you buy one, you will have instant access to it.

Handmade Zombie Items

Examples of zombie knitting patterns you can buy

1. Your ribs-are-showing shawl - MFTI
2. Lovey blankets for babies - bowtykes
3. Face cowl - creeksendinc
4. Zombie amigurumi - DsMouseBears
5. Undead doll - designshop

The image shows the patterns that were being sold on Etsy when I wrote this post, but that is no guarantee that they will still be available if you click on any of the links above. Because of this possibility I have also included a link to all patterns that are currently listed for sale on Etsy in the link below.

All Zombie Patterns

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