This is my theory about the jar of baby food from the Wolf

The Walking Dead, Season 6, episode 3. Rick Grimes convinced the good, but naive, people of Alexandria to round up and relocate a huge herd of walkers. It didn't go quite as planned and Rick eventually found himself in an RV. His intention was to start up the RV and drive to where some of his people were hiding from the undead. But...

Before Rick had a chance to start the engine, he was ambushed by a Wolf who snuck into the RV with the intention of killing Rick. Rick's quick wits and sharp shooting skills put an end to the Wolf's murderous attack. After he gunned down the wolf, Rick searched the man's pants and found a jar of baby food. What an odd thing to find!

I've pondered that jar and finally come up with a theory. Hear me out, because this is a potentially far fetched theory.

Let's back up a bit to the end of season five. Remember when Carl saw Enid sneak out of Alexandria and he followed her? You know, when they ended up in the tree and it was really awkward for them. That was when we, the viewers, found out that Enid knew how to sneak out of Alexandria. It looked like she felt cooped up inside the walls of town and wanted to stretch her legs a bit. But was that really what was going on?

Or, is it possible that Enid is a Wolf who is spying on the Alexandrians? Let's assume for a moment that she is part of the Wolves pack. Perhaps she snuck out to meet with the Wolves and pass on information.

Let's take this a step further. Perhaps one of the tidbits Enid shared with the Wolves was that there were new people inside, including a baby. Maybe, just maybe, the Wolves decided that they wanted a baby. Why? I'm not sure but it probably isn't good.

Fast forward to season six, when the Wolves attacked Alexandria. Enid tried to leave town but Carl stopped her. She gave in and joined Carl in his house to protect baby Judith. By the end of the episode we, and Carl, learned that Enid left.

But think about this. We never saw that Judith was safe with Carl. We didn't see her at all at the end of the episode, nor did we see Enid leave. I think it is possible that Enid kidnapped Judith to turn her over to the Wolves.

Now, let's bring it back to the jar of baby food. If my theory is correct, I think it is entirely possible that the baby food was meant for Judith after she was in possession of the Wolves.

Time will tell if I'm right or not. Until then, feel free to share your thoughts on the baby food and what it might mean.

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