Strider. Elessar. The Dunadane. Heir of Isildur. Aragorn. No matter what name he went by, the future king of Arnor and Gondor was a faithful companion to the Hobbits from the very beginning.

Aragorn wanted nothing to do with his destiny, but it found him regardless of what he wanted. But what if he had wanted cookies? I don't know if there were cookies in middle earth (though I'm sure that Merry and Pippin would know) but there are in our time; wonderful, delicious cookies! Which begs the question, where is the best place for a Lord of the Rings fan to keep his cookies safe? In an Aragorn cookie jar, of course!

Made of heavy ceramic and beautifully painted with vivid colors, this container is just the right size for a batch of your favorite treats. It depicts Aragorn as he looked when he was cleaned up, but not yet a king. He is holding the handle of his trusty sword, Anduril.

You are not limited to keeping cookies inside this jar. You can also use it for office supplies, dog treats, or anything else you can think of that will fit inside. It is sure to make any LOTR fan smile and it can be placed on your kitchen counter or displayed on a bookshelf.

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Cookie Jar Of Aragorn With His Sword

Aragorn cookie jar

Aragorn Cookie Jar

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