Do you remember Handles? He was a good Cyberman, if there is such a thing. Well, he wasn't exactly a Cyberman, he was the head of a cyborg that the 11th Doctor bought and refurbished. The Doctor removed all the bad aspects of a Cyberman and was nothing more than the head of a robot that was neither good nor bad, it just was.

The Doctor named the head Handles for obvious reasons and Handles was the Doctor's companion for several centuries when he exiled himself to Christmas. If that didn't make sense then you need to watch the episode called The Time of The Doctor.

What does all that have to do with a wine stopper? Possibly nothing, except that this particular item is a Cyberman wine stopper and I like to think that he was modeled after Handles.

The head is made of pewter which will last for years without rusting. The cork can be inserted into any bottle with a standard sized opening, wine or otherwise, to keep the liquid contents fresh.

This little kitchen gadget deserves a place in any Whovian's kitchen. This would be a great gift for the Doctor Who fan in your life, or yourself if that's you!

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Doctor Who Bottle Cork

Cyberman wine stopper

Cyberman Wine Stopper

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