I doubt that there were glass cutting boards used in King Baratheon's royal kitchens but if there were, they would have loved these glass Game Of Thrones cutting boards!

Each of these boards is inspired by George R.R. Martin's fantasy world. They are made of tempered glass, which means they are shatter resistant, and they have beautiful color graphics laminated to the underside of the boards so the images won't be damaged by cutting knives.

The boards come in two sizes: standard and large. They also have rubber feet to prevent them from slipping on your counter as you use them.

You have a lovely selection of designs to choose from, such as the Westeros board you see here. Other images include a board with the mottos of various houses and pictures of their castles, a map of House Stark's land and sigil, a graphic of King's Landing, House Lannister with their motto and sigil, and more. No matter which board you choose you will be adding a touch of Thrones to your kitchen that would have made the royal kitchens envious!

Update: I've noticed that these glass cutting boards can be hard to find. It is possible that they are out of stock if you visit Amazon.

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Glass "Game Of Thrones" Cutting Boards

Example of a Game Of Thrones glass cutting board
Glass Game Of Thrones Cutting Boards

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