What is the one material that a sonic screwdriver doesn't work on? If you said wood then you are correct. And that's fantastic because that means food is no problem for this sonic screwdriver peeler!

Whoever invented this (did you see what I just did? I made a Doctor Who reference without even meaning to!) is a genius. Seriously, a vegetable peeler shaped like the Doctor's trusty tool is a perfect pairing.

It works just like a traditional fruit and vegetable peeler - it has a point on the end so you can dig out unwanted spots, like the eyes on a potato or bad spot on an apple, with ease. The peeler has a sharp blade so it can do what a peeler does - remove the skin from food.

This is a must-have kitchen gadget for the Doctor Who fan in your life. Of course, that might be you, so go ahead and channel your inner companion every time you use this to prepare food!

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Doctor Who Peeler

Sonic screwdriver vegetable peeler

Sonic Screwdriver Vegetable Peeler

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