This might look a miniature version of the Doctor's time traveling machine but it is that and more. When you pick it up and look at the bottom you will see that it is also a tool for opening bottles with metal lids.

As awesome as that is, this kitchen tool has a secret. The moment it comes in contact with a metal lid you will hear the TARDIS's iconic sound. Does that mean that it is ready to take off for places unknown every time you want a new drink? Perhaps, but if it does, it returns in the blink of an eye without you ever being the wiser. As for that whole blinking thing, well, you know what to do...

There is no need to travel through time and space in search of the best ever bottle opener when it is already here on Earth. The TARDIS bottle opener gets the job done in style.

This is small enough to stay on your kitchen counter to add a touch of Whovian flair to your cooking area. It is the perfect gift for any Doctor Who fan, or for yourself.

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TARDIS Bottle Opener With Sound

TARDIS bottle opener

TARDIS Bottle Opener

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