Do you love cookies? Of course you do! Want to know the best place to keep them safe? In a TARDIS cookie jar, where else?

This container is made of ceramic and is painted in the traditional TARDIS blue, just like the time machine in BBC's Doctor Who. It also has all the aspects of the police box - the window panes, notice about using the phone, and even the St. John's ambulance symbol.

The lid has the box's light on top, which makes a perfect handle for removing the lid. When you open the jar you will see that the lid has a rubber gasket, which protects the contents of the jar from air and humidity. In other words, what you put inside is going to stay fresh.

This jar can be used to store more than just cookies. Some people use it for dog treats, candy, even pens and pencils. The jar is 5.5" wide and 9.6" tall, so it is just the right size for a batch of small cookies, or a container of Oreos. Is it truly bigger on the inside? I guess you'll have to add some cookies to it and find out for yourself!

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Ceramic Doctor Who Cookie Jar

Ceramic TARDIS cookie jar

TARDIS Cookie Jar

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