Kids of all ages are going to love this zombie blaster Nerf gun. It's a great way to train your kids for an upcoming zombie apocalypse, just like you see in The Walking Dead.

It is made of lightweight plastic and has double barrels that hold six darts each. The darts are made of soft foam and are neon green, which makes it easy to find them after they have been fired from the weapon.

I can just imagine a young Daryl Dixon playing with this with his big brother Merle. However, Daryl probably snuck out at night at took this toy with him for for target practice so that he could beat Merle each time they played. That's probably how he got so good at shooting walkers now that he's all grown up!

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Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster

Nerf zombie blaster gun

Nerf Zombie Strike Gun

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